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Why I Need a Doc Holder


Do you ever find yourself craning your neck or squinting to see a paper you need while you work at your computer?

I find myself sorely uncomfortable all the time while I type from a document- I just can't quite get it positioned where I need it so I can actually type and read at the same time. A document holder is such a simple solution- rather than tacking the doc on the wall (thumbtack holes don't exactly contribute to the aesthetics of the office or your home), a document holder does just that: holds the document so you (or your desk) don't have to. With 6 different angles, this wood document holder keeps your eyes comfortably between the screen and the easily viewed document. Plus, the doc holder can serve as an extra writing surface and, with the angle, even provides privacy if you need it.

I have needed a doc holder for the following:

  • General work
  • Inputting grades as a teacher
  • Lesson planning
  • Inputting receipts for Quicken
  • Converting paper docs to computer files
  • Taking notes from something I'm reading
  • Blogging from paper
  • Typing notes
  • Typing written addresses

What would you use it for?

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