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Bundling Under the Tree!


Looking for a great Christmas gift for that hard to shop for someone in your life?

Christmas shopping can be stressful, especially when you're not sure what to get for whom. I can typically think of gifts for the women in my family, whether it's jewelry or clothes. It's the guys I usually struggle to come up with ideas for. Even when I do have a great idea, I still have to go out and fight the crowds to obtain that perfect gift, which somehow deflates my holiday spirit. That's why I enjoy shopping online: I can search for great gifts from the comfort and warmth of my own home, even while I'm watching TV! Why not bundle gifts and ask various people go in on them so that each person gets a bigger gift they can really enjoy? Several contribute and the receiver ends up with a gift (s)he is really excited about!

3 Great bigger/bundled gifts for under the tree

  • iPad bundle- great accessories for the iPad user who seems to have everything: a mini keyboard, a stand, and a carrying case.

  • Let it Snow Bundle- 3 "hot" ergo products for cold offices and therefore fingers: a heated keyboard, a heated mouse, and a heated wrist rest.

  • Falalalala Bundle- Freestyle ergonomic keyboard, Rennaissance mouse, and split gel wrist rests.

Guiltless Gifts You Can Give Yourself!

Christmas may have come and gone, but it's not too late to give yourself a little something. In fact, why not get what you really wanted for Christmas. Ties and socks are nice, and truly nothing beats a homemade gift from the kids, but none of that keeps you comfortable and injury-free at [...]

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Shopping Ergonomically for YOU!

What do you want for Christmas?We spend a lot of time shopping for other people at Christmas and trying to think of the perfect gift. In fact, last time we talked about some great ergonomic gifts for those special people in our lives. Interestingly, they spend just as much time stressing over what [...]

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Save Stress with Online, Ergonomic Shopping

Christmas Gift-Giving without Feeling StressedNot too long ago, we posted some tips for avoiding holiday stress, such as making lists and shopping online.In fact, just to remind you without even leaving this page, here they are:4 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Stress Make lists and prioritize daily. Make a to-do list of activities you must compete [...]

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How to Give an Expensive Ergonomic Gift

Looking for a great Christmas gift for that hard to shop for someone in your life?It's never fun to put time, money, and thought into a gift that just doesn't get received well. You always know when it happens, and it's sad and frustrating to say the least. The holidays are already packed [...]

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