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Tips for Keeping Warm at Work This Winter


A study conducted by Cornell University found that working while cold severely decreases your productivity. When people have cold fingers while typing, they make twice the number of errors and type more than 50% slower. Unfortunately, cold fingers and toes are just a part of winter for many office workers. Try these tips to help keep you warm and productive at work.

Get Up! When you sit for too long, your circulation slows down and your extremities start to cool off; yes, this means cold fingers and toes. Every few minutes wiggle your toes and make a fist with your fingers to raise the blood flow to these extremities. And get out of your seat at least once an hour to walk around for a few minutes.

Decrease your coffee intake! It is so nice and warming to drink hot coffee on a cold day, but caffeine constricts blood vessels decreasing the circulation in your fingers. After your cup or two in the morning, try switching to decaf or an herbal tea.

Try these heated tools. These have to be some of the best winter products ever, and they only use about as much electricity as a light bulb.

  • A heated keyboard – This warming keyboard warms your fingers as you type, resulting in less errors, faster typing and increased productivity. The heating element can be turned off during the summer months, or turned from low heat to high for those extra cold days.
  • A heated footrest – The heated foot rest is a fast, easy way to keep your feet warm at work. Take off your shoes and warm your feet directly on this pad, or tip it up to use it in radial heat mode.
  • A mouse hand warmer pouch– This pouch, or pocket is perfect for keeping your mousing hand warm. Slip your mouse inside and warm your hand whenever you reach for your mouse.

Try these tips for those days when you just can’t keep your fingers and toes warm at work. And check out the available products, such as the heated keyboard or the heated footrest, that can keep you warm and help recover your lost productivity.