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iPad Ergo Swivel Mount



Do you love your new iPad? Finally, you can play music, catch up on news, and send a few emails without squinting to see the screen...surely, it's not just me who who needs a good pair of reading glasses to see a screen that small? Regardless, it's pretty liberating to have the ease and portability of an iPod or Blackberry without the bulk or expense of a laptop.

iPad Ergonomics

However many features, apps, and advantages the iPad offers, it can still be an ergonomic problem. As always, no matter what kind of screen you're looking at, it's essential that you not bend your neck for long periods of time. Any screen should be at eye level so that your neck (and even your shoulders) can be in a relaxed, comfortable position. Plus, you want to avoid eye strain from literally straining to see the screen. Rather than just kicking the iPad out the door, you could always try an iPad Ergo Swivel Mount for better positioning. This simple mounting system raises the iPad for better viewing and ergonomic comfort. Its suctions cups mounts to any flat surface and is quite easy to use.

iPad Ergo Swivel Mount Features:

- Handy and effective suction cup with lever action- Easy to install and take off- Quick and easy to get the iPad in and out of the holder- Flexible arm for any angle or orientation

Goldilocks in the Apple Store

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Goldilocks. She went for a walk in the mall. She quickly came upon an Apple store. She peeked in and entered, in awe. Shockingly, no sales person was available, so she started browsing on her own. At the display [...]

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Pros & Cons of the iPad

I'm from Texas, I live in Scotland, and I just got back from a holiday to London. You know what I noticed in all 3 places? The iPad. I kid you not, I either saw an Apple store, a billboard, or someone using it almost everywhere I went. iPads, iPads everywhere! [...]

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Tips for Maximizing Productivity in Small Spaces

Small SpacesSmall spaces seem to be the story of my life. For the past 9 years, as we have pursued more degrees and had more children, we have somehow downsized each move. May seem counter-intuitive, but spending more money for extra letters after our names and adding names to our family means we [...]

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Top Apple Accessories

You're either an Apple guy or you're not. There's very little middle ground. Sadly, the Mac-ies have gotten the short end of the stick as far as accessories go. Fortunately, as Apple keeps producing awesome gadgets {see also Macs, iPod, iPhones, & iPads}, the accessories market has had to keep up. [...]

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iPads are the New Business Must-Have

iPads at WorkMany businesses have started appreciating the usefulness, savviness, and portability of iPads, even if their forerunners were somewhat of a professional no-no not too long ago. In fact, unlike iPods and iPhones (which were frequently banned from the office), iPads have been celebrated by business managers worldwide as an integral part of [...]

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Mini Keyboards & Why You Should Use One

One of the most common injuries computer users report is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), and a main contributor to it is an ill-fitting or poorly designed keyboard. Standard keyboards encourage poor ergonomic habits that injure your hands, wrists, and even fingers, but most frequently leads to CTS. Thus, whether you're a software engineer [...]

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What Not to Do: Part 7

What Not to WearHave you ever seen What Not to Wear with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly? It's a reality show in which some unsuspecting person is singled out by friends and/or family for her fashion faux pas. It may be that she is unaware of her body type and wears clothes that [...]

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{Ergo} Things I'm Thankful For

Since it's Thanksgiving week, I thought I'd compile a list of ergonomic products I am thankful for! In addition to my own family, spending time with extended family at home, and scrumptious food, I am also thankful for the following products and accessories that have made everyday life more bearable and more comfortable for [...]

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Ergonomic Gifts

Stuck in Your Christmas Shopping?Do you have anyone on your shopping list that is just plain hard to shop for? Your father? Your brother? Your sister-in-law? Yourself? Whoever it is, we are confident there is an ergonomic gift just perfect for them. In all seriousness, too many people suffer [...]

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