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On the Market for an Ergonomic Keyboard?


Driving a Different Car

Trying out a new keyboard or laptop is a lot like driving someone else's car. You have to get used to where everything is and how it works, not to mention how it feels. Every car shifts and brakes differently and just reacts to your touch in a unique way. You lightly tap some brakes and practically have to stand on others to get the car to stop. After some time you get used to it. Similarly, test driving a new or just different keyboard can feel much the same. Thus, if you're on the market for a new ergonomic keyboard, it's good to remind yourself that each one will feel different...like driving a strange car. And just like figuring out how sensitive {or not} brakes are, you have to figure out how a new keyboard types. They may seem like they're all the same, but every type of keyboard is laid out differently and therefore feels different. Ergonomic keyboards are made to feel different, but in a good way that both fits you and feels comfortable.

Things to Ask Yourself as You Test Drive

  • Do you like the feel of having to push down the keys or do you prefer to lightly tap the keys?
  • Do you need a left-handed keyboard?
  • Would you like the keyboard to be split or curved for comfort?
  • Do you want wireless for easy portability?
  • Do you need a mini keyboard? {it's surprisingly fast to adapt to a smaller keyboard, but does take some adjustment}

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to feel comfortable while you type. This means trying out several different models until you decide which you like best. You can do this in a store, but it really works best if you try a couple at home or work with your normal routine so you can see what feels best. {just make sure you order form somewhere like Ergonomics Made Easy that has an easy return policy}.

Typing on a new keyboard is like driving a different car. You have to get the feel to choose the best one for you. The best way to find the right ergonomic keyboard for you is to order several and keep your favorite.

Upgrading to Avoid Injury

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What's all the hype about a left-handed keyboard?

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Tips for Keyboard & Mouse Placement

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Ergonomics for Educators

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Wrist Pain while typing?

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Switching to an Ergonomic Keyboard

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Easy Ways to Increase your Productivity

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