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Get Focused with White Noise

Get Focused with White Noise

White Noise for the Office

Almost every person working in an office environment at some point will be distracted and lose focus because of noise.  From a noisy copier to a conversation among workers, there is always enough noise in any office to cause a loss of focus.  Even though the distraction may be momentary, the time it takes to re-focus usually is not.  This break in concentration results in less productive days. Over time, hours and hours of non-productive work time are lost.  Non-productive work time is costly. If noise is the cause, then there is a solution that will dramatically cut down on noise, thus improving employee productivity and the company’s bottom line.

Office-Wide Solutions

Many companies are now using sound masking systems to mask the presence of distracting noise in the workplace.  White noise “fills in” the sound spectrum around you with barely perceptible low level noise.  This low level noise renders speech unintelligible.  Typically, white noise sounds like an air conditioning sound, blending into the background and masking more audible sounds.  The result is less noise distraction and thus more focus.  Sound Masking Systems are available for any sized office.  You can minimize non-productive hours and increase productivity by simply using white noise.  

Individual Office Solutions

When treating a single office, the best white noise option by far is the Sonet Acoustic Privacy System.  It's a high quality, low cost, off-the-shelf sound masking solution that doesn't require any specialized knowledge or training to install. The Sonet System is suitable for use in spaces ranging from approximately 50 to 500 sq. ft., and was designed specifically to address individual needs for speech privacy, or to reduce noise intrusion and distractions.