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Headaches and Eyestrain? It could be your computer monitor.

Headaches and Eyestrain? It could be your computer monitor.

How long do you work at a computer every day?

Staring at your computer monitor for hours on end can cause severe eye strain and dryness.  Head aches will occur.  Try looking away and blinking frequently to lessen the strain.  Still there could be another reason for your issues.  It could be your computer monitor.  Check to see if there is glare on your monitor from any of the following:


  • overhead lighting, 
  • reflections from items on the workspace,
  • and even from dust on your monitor.  

The goal is to reduce the glare.  


If light from overhead or windows is causing the glare, try moving your monitor or using a glare filter.  If you move your monitor keep in mind the following points.  


  • Your monitor should be placed twenty inches directly in front of you.  
  • It should not be tilted too far back or forward as this can cause strain as well. 
  • Dust your monitor frequently, as dust can cause glare and distort images, thus causing your eyestrain.  


Just following these simple monitor tips can greatly reduce headaches and eyestrain from your computer monitor.