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How To Avoid Eye Strain While Using Your Laptop

How To Avoid Eye Strain While Using Your Laptop

Attention, all laptop users!

If you use a laptop computer every day at work, chances are good that you’re a candidate for eye strain.  Eye strain symptoms are not limited to the eyes.
Common symptoms of eye strain  
  • tired, burning, sore, or itching eyes 
  • watery eyes
  • dry eyes
  • blurred or double vision
  • headache
  • sore neck 
  • increased sensitivity to light
  • problems with focusing
  • color fringes or images when you look away from your computer screen
While eye strain does not usually cause any long-term issues, it is difficult to deal with on a daily basis.  To avoid eyestrain and its symptoms there are several  things you can do.  

How to Avoid Eye Strain

  • As you’re working, remember to blink often and periodically look away from your computer screen.
  • Set your screen twenty inches away from your eyes. 
  • Set your laptop on a desk, table, or counter so you’re not constantly looking down at the screen.   
  • Preferably the first line of the screen should be at eye level. 
  • Place your laptop so there is no glare.  If you can’t remove the glare make sure your screen has anti-glare properties. 
These are the best ways to prevent eyestrain and eliminate the uncomfortable symptoms.