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How to Create an Ergonomically Productive Workstation

How to Create an Ergonomically Productive Workstation

An Ergonomic Workstation

Not taking steps to set up your workstation correctly can lead to hours of pain and misery and even loss of productivity. Why? Your workstation is your number one asset. You spend a good portion of your day sitting or standing in front of a computer working...which is why it is crucial to make sure that your computer workstation is set up to fit your body. That’s what ergonomics is all about.     

Creating an ergonomically friendly workstation is not difficult. All it takes is some guidance and implementation of simple techniques and strategies. On an even brighter side, you will be the one to benefit from it, and your increased productivity will be evident.  


  • Give yourself enough room – Give yourself enough room to move around and be able to perform a series of motions without bumping into anything else. When calculating just how much room, be sure to take into consideration your body's length, height, and width. If you are on the taller side of the spectrum, try to give yourself enough leg space to avoid cramps and unnecessary pain in your legs. This often leads to stress and loss of productivity.
  • Be able to reach items easily – People in the workplace stretching and arching the backs just to reach the items that they commonly use should not be the case. Be sure to arrange the items you use often in a manner which allows you to reach easily and effortlessly. Keeping this ergonomic tip in mind will help you to be more comfortable in your computer workstations.


An ergonomic workstation leads to increased productivity. By making little tweaks to your workstation you’re not only protecting your body, you’re actually getting more done.