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Increase Productivity by Re-Arranging Your Workstation

Increase Productivity by Re-Arranging Your Workstation

Tips for Being More Productive

Layoffs, plummeting budgets, and tight schedules are causing everyone to find a way to be more productive at the office.  One simple, yet often overlooked, way to increase productivity is by effectively and ergonomically arranging your workstation. The goal is to choose a workstation set-up that gives you optimal productivity. You want to place things strategically for the job you do to give yourself an atmosphere for the best productivity possible.


  • The most used item in most people’s workstation is their computer. If you have a laptop or a desk top computer, keep these key hints in mind when placing your computer. 
  • If you have a desktop model, make sure the top of your monitor is at eye level. For either a monitor or a laptop, you want to make sure your screen is at the least 20 inches away from your face. The longer you look at your computer screen the more tired your eyes become causing distractions and a decrease in productivity to come from tired eyes. To help increase your productivity make sure you are using the 20 inches rule and take breaks periodically.
  • Once you have your monitor in place, remember that your keyboard, mouse, calculator, phone, and other necessary items should be placed in front of you for optimal usage. The easier it is for you to access these items, the more productive you can be. Twisting, turning, stretching, and reaching all day has a tiring impact on your body thus making you less productive.
  • Another helpful hint is to keep a note pad, your palm, or phone (i.e. data source) in your direct proximity. This allows you to document those fleeting "I need to do..." thoughts quickly before you lose them forever. 
  • In addition, when setting up your workstation, keep in mind the process in which you do things. If you print many documents, make sure your printer is directly in front of you with an easy movement to reach. The more you make things flow the more productive you will be.


Keeping your equipment and thoughts in order will keep you on a more productive path. If you see that your workstation is disarrayed or is continuously a mess, reevaluate your system. Move things and reorganize until you find the process and set-up that best works with your needs and equipment.