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Increase Productivity by Reducing Headaches from Monitors

Increase Productivity by Reducing Headaches from Monitors

Productivity is what sets you apart from the pack, and the fact of the matter is, the more productive you are in your work environment, the more your managers are going to notice. However, the very tools we use to be more productive can propel us in the other direction, towards being unproductive. Why? Because when office tools are not being used properly they can cause delay you own mental process, as well as the tasks you actually do. One such tool is your monitor.

Monitors & Productivity

Monitors improperly set up often leads to eye strain, headaches, and fatigue. Repeated staring at an improperly configured monitor can put so much strain on your eyes that your head starts pounding, and you may not even know why.  If you do notice that you tend to get headaches at work, check your monitor’s set up. A few simple ergonomics practices will get your monitor tip-top for your specific needs.  


  • Undetected problems.  Have you set the color and aspect ratio on your monitor to suit your work environment and your eyes? Are these settings adjusted to suit what feels comfortable to your eyes? If you cannot go more than three hours staring at your monitor, check the settings to make sure that everything from the brightness to the hue is set to perfection.
  • Glare.  Another culprit of headaches from using a computer monitor is glare.  Often the lighting or even a nearby window will cause glare than cannot be prevented. Screen protectors prevent glare on the screen from becoming an eye strain contributor. Eliminating glare from the screen through a screen protector or a glass filter eases eye strain, thus preventing headaches.    


Regardless of symptoms, making these monitor adjustments is always a good idea. Moreover, on the positive side, you will not only be protecting your eyes, but you will also be able to work with your monitor for longer periods of time which will increase your productivity.