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Inflatable Lumbar Support

Inflatable Lumbar Support

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain caused due to acute stress on the lumbar region of the spine is the most common form of back pain. The use of computers and video display terminals in organizations has been the causative agent for complaints like muscular aches, pain in the neck, cumulative trauma disorders. Inflatable lumbar support is an excellent ergonomic solution for such problems arising due to postures and work stress.

Inflatable Lumbar Support for Lower Back Pain

A sitting position that allows the natural curves of the spine to be supported firmly is helpful in easing back pain. Inflatable lumbar support is designed to increase the level of comfort and support in sitting position. These inflatable lumbar supports provide relief from upper or lower back by supporting and providing our spine with an anatomically perfect or near perfect posture. Portable inflatable lumbar support cushions are a recent innovation that inflate and deflate by an in-built valve and air pump mechanism to support areas in upper or lower back.
Benefits of Inflatable Lumbar Support 
  • The lumbar support cushion can be positioned as per the needs either in the upper or lower regions of the back. The cushion is provided with elastic straps that can easily secure the cushion to any chair. 
  • The lumbar support cushion is portable and light in weight.  
  • The inflatable lumbar cushion is recommended for relief from pain due to prolonged sitting as in office or travel.
  • The inflatable lumbar cushion is especially useful in office chairs for lumbar support. It is usually made up of high-density foam that acts as a gentle cushion to support the lower back, bones and thighs. Some lumbar support inflatable cushions combine the comfort of heat and massage to relax the back muscles.
  • Some models like the Back Booster 1001 Inflatable Lumbar Support Cushion are portable inflatable lumbar cushions ideal for travelling, working, and driving. They are made up of high-quality, waterproof PVC materials with a nylon strap. These can be inflated in a few breaths and deflated to pocket size. Since there are no metal parts they are safe.
  • The inflatable air pillow is yet another ergonomic innovation that can be used just by placing it behind our lower back. The inflatable pillow supports the lumbar region of spine and improves the lower back disc mechanics, flexibility and comfort.  They also decrease muscle stiffness by increasing blood flow. The inflatable support is aided by a convenient palm-size pump and a release valve. It is simple and easy to buy these ergonomically designed products.