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Is Shoulder and Upper Back Pain Coming from Your Desktop?

Is Shoulder and Upper Back Pain Coming from Your Desktop?

Shoulder & Upper Back Pain

If you have shoulder and upper back pain at the end of your workday, you probably don’t think about your desk as the problem, attributing the pain to another hard day at work.  You’re right, but most likely it's not all due to mental stress.  The aches and pain in your shoulder and upper back are very real, and in many cases the real cause is from the positioning of your desk, chair, and computer screen.  

Ergonomic Adjustments to Ease Pain

Eight or nine hours a day is a long time to sit at a desk.  If your upper back and neck muscles aren’t in a neutral position for the majority of that time, often aches and pains will result. To get that neutral position your desk, your chair, and your computer monitor must be aligned properly.  
  • Proper alignment means your desk and chair combination should provide a proper height that is neither too high nor too low.  
  • Your shoulders should not be raised as you place your hands and arms on your desk.  Raising the shoulders places stress on the neck, shoulders and upper back muscles.  
  • Also, you should not have to extend your arms as you reach for items on your desk.  If either of these problems exists you can often solve them with a chair with an adjustable height function.
  • Items on your desk should be arranged so that you are not constantly stretching or reaching as you work.  
Adhere to these few suggestions and you’ll most likely find much of your shoulder and upper back pain disappearing.