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Is Your Desk a Good Fit For Ergonomics and Productivity?

Is Your Desk a Good Fit For Ergonomics and Productivity?

What You Need to Know about Ergonomic Desks

When it comes to your desk, one size certainly does not fit all. Let’s face it, we all come in different shapes and sizes and what fits one may not necessarily fit another person. It's like going over to Grandma’s and trying on her clothing at the age of seven. Everyone, including the 7-year-old, knows the dress won't fit.  Your desk and office equipment you use is no different.  For optimal ergonomics and productivity, your desk, chair, and equipment should be designed and arranged so that it suits your body and the work you do.

  • When you are sitting at your desk, ask yourself whether or not it is adjusted to match your build. Also determine whether it is ergonomically designed to allow for adjustment. There is no one-size-fits-all desk, so you need to pick a desk that can be adjusted to suit you and your work habits.

  • A well-adjusted desk allows your legs to move freely around without colliding into other objects. 

  • The height of the desk should be such that it has room beneath the desktop to allow your knees plenty of space. 

  • If your desk is too high and cannot be lowered then consider getting a footrest so that your legs will be comfortable and not have to dangle in the air.

  • Also be sure to keep the area under you desk clutter-free. When the area underneath your desk is uncluttered, your legs will be unrestricted, thus minimizing pain in the ankles and joints. To reduce the probability of injury you can also get an organizer.

  • An organizer keeps all your documents and electronics in an easy to reach and out-of-the-way location. 

A good fit between you and your desk will do wonders for your productivity. You can find things that much faster and avoid needless bumps and bruises caused by clutter underneath your desk. You can save yourself tons of headaches by keeping your desk ergonomically friendly.