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Is Your Workstation Set-up Causing Neck and Shoulder Pain

Is Your Workstation Set-up Causing Neck and Shoulder Pain

Check Your Set Up

The set-up of your workstation may be the root of your neck and shoulder discomfort. If your workstation does not allow for these simple keys to an ergonomic supporting workstation, make the changes needed today.


  • If the height of your desk doesn’t match the height at which you are sitting, you are probably raising your shoulders constantly as you work.  As desk that is too high will cause you to raise your shoulders to prop on the desk.  This results in strain and pain.  Also a desk that is too low can have you stretching and reaching and constantly looking down as you work, resulting once again in shoulder and neck pain.
  • Your monitor position should be exactly at eye level. This will keep you from continually looking up or down causing unnecessary stress on your neck and shoulders. If you need to raise your monitor to reach the proper height, a monitor stand is a great solution.
  • Your head and neck staying in line with your body can help eliminate the neck and shoulder pain you are feeling. The right office chair will give you the support you need to keep your back in the right positions to help support the best posture for your upper body.  


Awkward positions can cause stress on your neck, shoulders, and spine. Choosing the right workstation and equipment will help eliminate the chance of lasting neck and shoulder pain.