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Keyboard Keypitch

Keyboard Keypitch

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What is a Key Pitch?

The key pitch on a keyboard is the distance measured between the middle of a key to the other key middle. Knowing this will help you to determine what keyboard is right for you. In some mini keyboards the keys have been pushed together to save more space making the key pitch smaller. Keep in mind the smaller the key pitch the closer the keys are together. Someone one with big hands will need a bigger key pitch vs someone with smaller hands will need a small key pitch.
On most standard full size keyboards the key pitch is 18mm - 19mm.

"Keyboards should be of appropriate size and key-spacing to accommodate most users.
Generally, the horizontal spacing between the centers of two keys should be 0.71-0.75 inches
 (18-19 mm) and the vertical spacing should be between 0.71-0.82 inches (18-21 mm)."