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ProCurve Multimedia Keyboard w/TouchPad

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 Product Description

The ProCurve Keyboard is Easy Ergonomics with a Built In Touchpad 

The ergonomic ProCurve sloped design caters to touch typists and those who spend a lot of time at their computer. In addition to the built-in wrist support and split keyboard, the Tru-Form alleviates fatigue and stress with a sloped keyboard curve that naturally positions your hands, wrists, and shoulders in a more comfortable and natural posture. The easy access touchpad replaces your mouse. The ProCurve keyboard has multimedia keys that make this keyboard a comfortable, multi-featured keyboard that combines a host of Windows and Multimedia keys in a comfortable ergonomic design.

Ergonomic Design

Split, gently sloped shape encourages a natural hand, wrist, and forearm position for maximum comfort. Additional features include a built-in wrist support and a split spacebar. Split-key and 3D design conforms to your natural arm and hand positions, reducing tension in shoulders, arms and wrists.

Convenient TouchPad Features Integrated touchpad eliminates the need for a mouse and saves valuable desk space. The Glidepoint® Touchpad puts computer control at your fingertips. Navigate, scroll, zoom, access files and enter data all with just a light tough of the finger. It's easy, it's comfortable, and installation is a snap.

Tap to click - Left or right "click" simply by tapping your finger in the main area or upper right corner of the pad. The right "click" area is marked on the pad surface with a change of color and texture. The two buttons can also be used to "click."
Drag, draw, highlight - Just double-tap and hold your finger on the pad, or hold the left "click" button as your finger glides.
GlideExtend - Hold your place on-screen when you reach the pad's edge. The area is marked on the pad surface with a change of texture -- no more running off the mouse pad!

Hot Keys

Discover the ProCurve Keyboard, with one-touch buttons that take you directly to your favorite multimedia activities - navigate music and video clips, surf the Web, start many of the programs you use most, and more. With these 8 hot keys and a stylish ergonomic design, this keyboard adds dynamic features and vibrant looks to any desktop.

Central Placement Of The Pointing Device.

Any thing that can be done to minimize reaching and centralize the task helps reduce the risk of RSI's.  One of the best things about the layout of this board is the GlidePoint mouse that is mounted in the middle of the keyboard.  This eliminates the usual reaching back & forth between keyboard and mouse, and significantly reduces the strain on the neck & shoulder. 

Once you become accustom to the GlidePoint, you will find it is actually quicker and easier to use. You just slide you finger across the pad, and the cursor responds. It senses the slightest touch, you don't have to press down. If you need to click on an item, just lightly tap the GlidePoint surface once, or to double click tap lightly twice (it does have right & left buttons to use if you prefer to use them).

The GlidePoint works best in applications that don't require precise mousing (word processing, spreadsheets, and general mousing). If you have some applications that require precision mousing and need to use a regular mouse, you can use a Dual PS/2 Adapter (on PS/2 models only) to connect both mice at the same time. This way you can use either mouse at any time, without having to turn off your computer and change mice.

Help For Those Cramped Spaces!

Many workstations today are equiped with small keyboard draws or adjustable trays that are only large enough for a 20" to 21" keyboards. This was alright until pointing devices came into the picture. Now, most people use a mouse up to 50% of the time while at their computers, and the mouse is placed in the only possible place available . Up and away on the desktop, causing you to reach!

This type of setup while still very common, creates a number of ergonomic concerns. That is why OSHA has been trying to issue ergonomic standards to reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) developed by workers whose jobs involve repetitive motions, force, awkward postures. This reaching significantly increases the risk of devoloping (MSDs). The input device needs to be next to the keyboard.

Key Features

  • Contoured, split key design for ergonomic comfort
  • Built in Touchpad acts as your mouse 
  • Left and Right mouse buttons included
  • Windows 95/98 Power Keys included 
  • ProCurve Multimedia Keyboard w/TouchPad has built in wrist support
  • Split space bar, one for each hand
  • ProCurve Multimedia Keyboard w/TouchPad has high quality membrane keyswitches
  • Double-injection keycaps for extended wear
  • 105-key extended keyboard layout as well as 8 hot keys
  • Separate cursor keypads
  • 12 function keys
  • Dual ALT, SHIFT and CONTROL keys for left or right handed users
  • LED indicators for Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock
  • FCC Class B approved and CE approved
  • Available in Black or Ivory
  • Choice of either PS/2 or USB Connector

                                                     Fully compatible with Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista



Input Device Information Interface Information
Color   Black Connector Qty 1
Key Pitch   19mm  USB Connector
Number of Keys   105 Extended Kay Layout w/8 hot keys Cable Length
Key Travel   Extra Posts(USB)
Switch Type   High quality membrane keyswitches Other Internal Functions Glide Point mouse
Physical Information Requirements
Dimensions   21.2" x 10" x 2" Hardware Req. PS/2 Keyboard connector and PS/2 touchpad connector on PS/2 models, or a single USB connector on USB models.
Actual Weight   4.5 Lbs Drivers Required GlidePoint 3.1.zip
Waranty Length   1 Year
Warranty Type   Repair or Replacement

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