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Lumbar and Lower Back HOME

Lumbar and Lower Back HOME

Back Pain Treatment

Treatment for back pain depends on the actual cause of the pain. Some back pain is caused by minor injuries while other cases are caused by more serious, even disabling diseases. Treatment begins by first discovering the cause, then tailoring treatment to each patient.

The back is an intricate system of bones, muscles, nerves, discs, and ligaments. The back bones, or vertebrae, enclose the spinal cord which sends branches of nerves between the vertebrae to supply the body with its nerve supply. The vertebrae are separated and cushioned by cartilage discs. The spine is divided into three sections: the cervical (or neck) portion, the thoracic (or mid-back) portion, and the lumbar (low back) portion. Long muscles run along the sides and the back of the spine, while smaller muscles run between the vertebrae. Ligaments connect the vertebrae to each other. The muscles and ligaments lend support and stability to the spine.

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