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Mini Keyboards

Mini Keyboards

Good Things Come In Small Packages: Why a Mini Keyboard Can Help

Mini keyboards are all the rage today, because small is not only beautiful, it’s also convenient. Not all workspaces are designed in the same way – some may not have the space for an ordinary keyboard – nor does everyone have the same requirements – all the keys of an ordinary keyboard may not be necessary.

Also, mini keyboards help in reducing shoulder, wrist and finger strain: as the keyboard is smaller, the mouse is closer, and lesser hand and finger movement is required.

Our vast range of mini keyboards will fit in with your workspace requirements, whatever they may be. Here is a brief summary of our popular mini keyboards:


Mini Low Light Keyboard: It saves precious desktop space and is light and snug enough for you to carry it around on your business trips. This 19mm x 19mm keyboard is good news for your productivity as entering text is quicker and easier with it. It is also spill and splash proof, which means you don’t have to worry about the coffee mug.

Small Hands Keyboard: Children and women with smaller hands will love this keyboard as the smaller key caps help small hands to work fasterand with minimum hand movement. Its mini size is also convenient if you have a smaller work space.

Mini Wireless Keyboard with Joystick: This keyboard gives you great flexibility, apart from occupying lesser space on your desk. Its long wireless and Plug-and-Play technology let you choose the way you want to work at the pace you set. You can also select between a mouse and joystick, according to your convenience. 

Mini Keyboard with Trackball: The trackball functionality is built into this ultra-small keyboard, hence apart from the space that the keyboard saves, there are added advantages. With its one-touch multimedia features, you barely need to move your fingers. It fits into your briefcase conveniently and will take you off from ordinary keyboards for good.

Mini keyboards are very convenient to use, save desktop space, and are portable. So, why go for the default-sized keyboard when we have one that is a neat fit?