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Classroom Management Tips and Tools

Classroom Management Tips and Tools

Any of us who have taught a day know how important classroom management is.  We heard about it over and over in education classes, maybe even wrote papers about our plan of action in the case of classroom disorder, but what did we really know until we actually stepped in to a classroom of disruptive students?  Or even worse, a room full of disinterested college students?  Not a whole lot.  There’s a reason first-year teachers don’t have a second year.  Not armed with enough resources and lacking confidence, they simply don’t come back.  As for college TA’s and professors, most don’t have the benefit of educational classes.  So, armed with an impressive degree and their own passion for the subject matter, they are completely unprepared for expressions of boredom.
So why not take back control and teach better, too?  Your school head, students, and even you yourself will thank you for it.

Tips for classroom management

•    Learn your students’ names as soon as possible.  Using a self-assigned seating chart will help you take roll, learn names, and keep students in line.  Some college profs even do this to track who is really coming to class and to call on students by name.  Even using the chart to call students’ names without actually memorizing them is effective.

•    Have a real game plan for every day, including day 1.  Games and fun are perfectly appropriate, but avoid them the first few weeks.  Take that time to set the tone for the rest of the year.

•    Be creative in your actual teaching methods.  By using power point to teach a lesson, you can sport a professional look and have a great presentation for next year, too.  Sometimes, you can team up with another teacher or 2 and divide up the planning so that you each contribute to the work load.

•    Lastly, try some new equipment, such as the mobile stand or a presentation keyboard.  The mobile stand allows you to adjust the height and it’s on wheels, making it easy to roll around the room as a podium.  This kind of interaction teaching can’t help but keep students’ eyes on you.  Additionally, the mobile stand can serve as an extra work surface for you.  Who doesn’t need more space?

The presentation keyboard allows you to control everything with the touch of a finger. This keyboard gives you all the controls of your computer in a wireless, compact keyboard.  Many schools or universities have money left in the budget at the end of the year.  Instead of losing it, why not take advantage of this opportunity to take your classroom management and your own teaching skills to the next level?