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Never Second Guess the Cause of Right Shoulder Pain

Never Second Guess the Cause of Right Shoulder Pain

Right Shoulder Pain

Sometimes a minor pain seems like an irritating annoyance. Discomfort in the shoulder can be “written off” as just an imagined pain. Yet right shoulder pain can have serious medical causes. Joint injuries, especially shoulder injuries, demand prompt treatment.  The majority of the problems that cause shoulder pain are related. Muscular injuries can affect the tissues that move the bones of the shoulder. Inflammation of the tendons can affect the tissue that surrounds the shoulder blade. A fractured collar bone can make movement of the shoulder a painful experience.

While pain is a classic symptom of any shoulder injury, all shoulder problems can have other related symptoms.


  • Inflammation of the rotator cuff, for instance, hampers the ability of the surrounding tissue to stabilize the shoulder.  As a result, even simple tasks, such as pouring milk into a glass, become painful. Inflammation of the rotator cuff limits the extent to which the shoulder can lift the upper arm.
  • A tear in the tissue around the shoulder blade can cause the tendons on the rotator cuff to separate from the bone.  
  • The tendons are not the only tissue in the shoulder that can become inflamed. Inflammation of the ligaments in the shoulder can cause arthritis. Arthritis limits the range of motion in the shoulder. Exercise can restore the shoulder’s range of motion to its normal level.
  • Another group of tissues in the shoulder facilitates the sliding movement that takes place within the shoulder joint. That group of tissues forms a fluid filled sac called the bursa. Inflammation of the bursa under to rotator cuff causes cuff bursitis.
  • In severe cases of bursitis, a doctor might recommend a draining off of the fluid in the inflamed bursa. After the fluid in the bursa has been removed, then the patient can have corticosteroids injected into the empty bursa. That reduces the inflammation, and gives the body time to replace the missing fluid.
  • Although often associated with sports injuries, shoulder pain can result from a any type of aggravating movement. A fall can cause a reflex action that aggravates the tissues around the shoulder joint. Even the simple act of rolling over in bed can lead to shoulder pain.


All shoulder problems are signs and should receive immediate attention.  The doctor can diagnose the cause of any type of shoulder pain. Having made that diagnosis, the doctor can provide you with important information and can emphasize the need for immediate treatment of a shoulder injury that results from an inflammation.  Prompt treatment can prevent the development of a tear.