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Office Chairs and Back Pain: The Truth about Ergonomics

Office Chairs and Back Pain: The Truth about Ergonomics

Chronic Back Pain

Sitting for hours and hours on end causes many people to have chronic back pain.  If you’re currently suffering from back pain during and after work you may need to check a few things about your office set-up.  The goal is to practice healthy ergonomics because using ergonomic equipment can prevent and even eliminate chronic pain.  Office ergonomics revolve mainly around three items, your desk, you computer monitor, and your chair.  

Your Office Chair

Your office chair is the most important of the three when seeking to eliminate back pain.  Traditional chairs were originally made to provide rest from standing or walking.  Ergonomic chairs are designed to reduce the wear and pressure sitting places on the spine. While office chairs aren’t a one size fits all item, you can find an ergonomic chair with the capability to adjust to fit your body's needs.  Investing in the right ergonomic chair will reward you with increased comfort and productivity at the computer and a decreased risk of developing any serious conditions in the future.  

The main key when choosing and using an office chair is adjustability.  A good chair should have the ability to be adjusted for seat height, lumbar support placement and armrests.  Consider each of these areas as you make your purchase.  It may seem like a new office chair is too expensive, but consider the reduction of pain, the prevention of long term back issues, and the improved level of productivity.  Investing in a suitable ergonomic chair rewards you with more comfort, more productivity, and can even eliminate your back pain and prevent its worsening.