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Office Ergonomics for Better Health and Better Work

Office Ergonomics for Better Health and Better Work

Stress from The Office

Sitting at your computer all day may seem like you’re getting very little activity. You may be surprised to know that your body goes through so much stress while at work on a computer.  Muscle stress and strains are abundant just sitting at your computer, so much so that many chronic conditions can result because of working day after day at your computer. Chronic conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, eye fatigue, neck strain, shoulder strain, and back strains can all be linked to working at a computer workstation all day. With so many conditions resulting from office work, employers and developers are concentrating on ergonomics.

The word ergonomics defines the relationship between the body and the work environment. Becoming more and more proficient at developing ergonomic office equipment means less strain, less injury, less time missed from work and also increased productivity.  Creating an ergonomic office environment concentrates mainly on four frequently used items in an office: the desk, the computer equipment, the chair, and even the telephone. The goal is to use equipment and products that compliment the way the body works instead of stressing the body.


  • Back pain is one of the most common occurrences for those who sit in one position for long periods. The use of an ergonomic chair can virtually eliminate the occurrence of back pain. 
  • Another example is the frequency of carpal tunnel syndrome in computer users. Using an ergonomic keyboard or cushioned wrist support can greatly reduce the occurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome.


 If you are at a desk or workstation constantly, your health and your productivity depends upon using ergonomic office products. Don’t hesitate…the investment is worth every penny to your health and your future.