Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Tips for diagnosing, treating, and avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome.

Reduce Hand and Wrist Pain with These Computer Tips

Computer Tips to Reduce Hand and Wrist Pain

The most common pain associated with computer use is hand and wrist pain. Use these tips for computer use to help reduce your risks.

  • Focus on how you are typing and holding your hands and arms. Hold your elbows close to your body. Your forearms should be straight out in front of you. If they are at an angle, adjust the height of your keyboard. If your key board is too low make the same type of adjustment.
  • Keep your mouse at no more than an arms length away. You should not have to twist or stretch to reach your mouse. This causes stress and pressure on your wrist and hand.  
  • Your arms and hands should not rest on any uneven surfaces. Using a wrist rest can help you avoid pain in your hands and wrists associated with this type of continual pressure.
  • Think of your movements like flowing water. You should easily be able to move and use your keyboard and mouse without stopping the flow.