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Postures at Work May Cause Neck and Shoulder Pain

Postures at Work May Cause Neck and Shoulder Pain

How to Improve your Posture as you Work

Sitting at your desk all day can leave your neck and shoulders tired and achy, more than likely as a result of how you are sitting.  Improving your posture doesn’t necessarily mean just changing the way you’re sitting.  Creating a more ergonomic friendly workspace may be what you need.  Here are 3 tips to help you set up your workstation to reduce neck and shoulder pain.


  1. Check the placement of your monitor.  Your monitor should be placed twenty inches directly in front of you with the top line on the screen at eye level.  Other positions may cause you to bend head, neck and shoulders awkwardly.
  2. Check the height of your workstation.  A workstation that is too high will cause you to raise your shoulders. To correct this, you can either raise you chair height or adjust the desk height so your shoulders are in a neutral, relaxed position.
  3. Check your chair.  Using a chair with armrests that are too high can cause you to raise your shoulders, thus resulting in muscle strain. Also make sure as stated in tip # 2 that the chair is at the proper height for the desk height.


Just following these three tips will go a long way to reducing shoulder and neck pain from working in awkward positions.