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Reduce Muscle Strain by Focusing on 4 Workstation Items

Reduce Muscle Strain by Focusing on 4 Workstation Items

Working all day at your desk seems like a position that doesn’t place much stress on your health.  Sadly, that's just not true.  Millions are spent each year on treatments for repetitive stress illness, back problems, shoulder and neck pain, and even lower circulatory issues.  The  reason for these health concerns is the way we sit and move at our desk.  Awkward movements, as well as reaching or stretching positions for long periods of time, causes strain on your muscles, tendon, and nerves, and can cause permanent injury.  Reducing these types of issues requires using equipment and postures that maintain your body in a relaxed or neutral position.   

Focus on 4 Frequently Used Items in Your Office

To reduce muscle strain concentrate on four frequently used items in an office, your desk, your computer equipment, your chair, and your telephone.  The goal is to use equipment and products that compliment the way the body works instead of stressing the body.   

  • Your Desk – Make sure it is not too high or too low to cause raising shoulder or bending in poor postures.
  • Your computer Monitor- Place it at twenty inches straight in front of you with the first line of the screen at eye level.
  • Your Chair – Make sure your chair is adjusted at the proper height to keep your arms in a relaxed position as you work.
  • Your Telephone – Place it within easy reach.  For long conversations use a headset or a speaker phone.