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Set Up Your Home Office for Comfort

Set Up Your Home Office for Comfort

Home Office Desk & Chair

Working at home is the dream of many.  Unfortunately, for those of us coming home to work, the workspace is often not very user friendly.  The result can be tired, aching muscles after a day at work with nowhere to go "home" to.  Here are a few tips to make sure your home office is set for comfort and productivity. 

  • First, make sure you choose an ergonomic desk and chair. This means choosing equipment that can be adjusted to suit your physical needs and your workspace.  Adjustability is the key.  
  • Your desk should be designed and adjusted so it provides proper placement of your computer and accessories, and allow for adequate space for your legs.  Adjust your desk placing items you work with regularly so that you don’t make awkward exertions and postures as you work.
  • Choosing your chair is the next most important aspect for comfort.  Chair adjustability is a must.  You should be able to adjust the chair so you have support for your back, buttocks, legs, and arms. At the same time make sure you can you adjust the chair so you reduce awkward postures, contact stress and exertions.

Choosing desks that allow for efficient placement and chairs that provide support and adjustability provide you comfort and reduce stress as you work.