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Bluetooth Mice | Wifi Mouse

Wireless is the Way to Go!

Why settle for the boring, feature-free mouse that came with your PC?  Why use your laptop's uncomfortable touchpad? Step up and enhance your work situation!

The best Computer Upgrade is Hands-On!

The mouse and keyboard are the human connection to your computer.  Although they are simple devices, technology has taken them a long way from the early days.

Don’t be tethered to your Computer!

It’s very simple to hook up a wireless or Bluetooth mouse.  It’s really just plug and play.  There is no additional software needed (except for some gaming mice). To get technical, wireless mice transmit data (to your computer) through a Radio Frequency connection to either a Bluetooth or USB receiver.

This is a great way to get rid of a bunch of wires… as well as not be movement-restricted due to the tethering of the old school mice.

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