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Steps for Workstation Productivity

Steps for Workstation Productivity

3 Steps for a Simple, Practical Set Up

Want to make your workstation a haven for productivity? Create it by making your workstation the most productive place it can be.


  1. First, you must rid your workstation of any items that could be distracting. For example, that golf picture of you making that hole-in-one is a great conversation piece, but should it really be sitting in front of your computer screen? Place items of a personal or distracting nature in your peripheral vision. While there is a place for these types of items, try not to place them somewhere that distracts your attention from work.
  2. Once you have removed or moved your distractions, get down to business. Use what works. If placing you phone on the left and your printer on the right works best for you, do it. Just make sure you can easily reach these items if you frequently need them. An arms length is a good distance. The biggest no no’s are when people place there computer itself to one side or the other of where they sit. To create the most productive and comfortable working space, you need to place your computer directly in front of your torso.  With your keyboard and mouse in position, you can keep your arms at a 90-degree angle. The more comfortable you are with your set up, the more productive you will be.
  3. Get organized.  Keeping things organized can be a major task for many. If you deal with a lot of papers, keep a filing system in place throughout the day. You may want to invest in counter filers for your desk. This can give you additional space and allow you to create more organization. Another key is don’t print it if you do not need it. It sounds so simple, but printing every email and every document becomes a habit for many. Only printing the items you need will increase your free desk space and give you less mess to filter through to find things.

 In the end, these 3 simple steps towards simplicity and practicality will help you become more productive.