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The Happy Hacking is the Ultimate Mini Keyboard

The Happy Hacking Lite2 Keyboard has been designed specifically for Linux and UNIX users. The key layouts makes it easier to access the CTRL and ESC keys. Even with its small size with only 65 keys, most of functions of

a standard 101 PC keyboard are supported. Since all 65 keys are within reach without moving the wrists, the user's hands do not have to travel far from the home position. As a result, the user should feel more comfortable and make fewer typing errors.

The Happy Hacking Lite2 keyboard is compatible with UNIX machines that support a PS/2 interface including Digital, HP, IBM, and SGI as well. The USB Models are compatible with both PC & Mac personal computers with a USB interface. The USB Models also offer 2 downstream ports on the back of the keyboard, making it easy to add other devices.

A High Quality Key Structure

Happy Hacking Lite 2 Keyboard optimizes its use and feel with cylindrical curved sculpture, and 3.8-mm stroke soft-snap key switches.

The switch turns on when the key has been depressed approximately 2 mm, while the key can be depressed up to 3.8 mm. The required keying force to activate a key too 2 mm is less than 50 grams of force, giving it a very light touch in feel.

Key Assignments

Some of the key assignments can be changed by using dip switches, allowing you to adjust the key layout to better fit your needs.

Help For Those Cramped Spaces!

Are you working with limited desk space and need to have your mouse and keyboard side by side? With the Happy Hacking it gives you the size you need to do that.By cutting down on the reach you have to do to operate your mouse it will cut down on the shoulder, neck, and arm pain you have from over extending your reach for the mouse. Stop working with those one size fits all keyboards and start working with the keyboard that fits you.

By using the Happy Hacking Keyboard that is only 11.6" wide, you now have room to put the pointing device right next to the keyboard where it belongs.


  • Key layout is based on the Sun Type 3 keyboard and has only 65 essential keys.
  • Compact size with a footprint of only 11.6" x 4.7", but key spacing is equivalent to standard keyboards.
  • Now available in USB with 2 downstream ports.

Fully compatible with Windows 95, 98, Me, XP, Vista, & Windows 7


Input Device Information Interface Information
Color Black and Ivory Connector Qty 1
Key Pitch 19 mm Connector Type USB
Number of Keys 65 Cable Length 6'7"
Key Travel 3.8 mm Extra Ports(USB) 2 downstream ports -100mA- on the back
Switch Type High quality membrane keyswitches Other Internal Functions Mode/Dip Switch
Key Life 10 Million Life Cycles    
Physical Information Requirements
Dimensions 11.6" (W) x 4.7" (D) x 1.5" (H) Hardware Req. IBM PC with standard PS/2 or USB interface
Actual Weight 1.43 Lbs Drivers Required N/A
Warranty Length 6 Months
Warranty Type Parts & Labor    

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