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Stress Relief Games

Stress Relief Games

Playing Games to Relieve Stress

Stress can be defined as an individual’s physiological response to an internal or external stimulus. Relaxation techniques are methods that bring about stress relief. Stress relief is usually realized with drugs or other means, but if you are like many, you'd like relief without medication. The good news is that recent studies have found that stress relief can be realized with non-drug interventions like fun games. It is worth mentioning that stress is always a psycho-physiological reaction and any such neurological response can be neutralized or physiologically hydrolyzed by various factors.

Thus, games or other stress relief techniques act as effective counter mechanisms that neutralize the stress neurological reaction. These neutralizers actually stimulate an already existing physiological mechanism popularly known as Relaxation. Recent innovations in stress relief games utilize psychological or psychiatric concepts to not only bring about a relaxation but also a change in attitudes. Some of the games available today have a psychotherapeutic value in the sense that they help individuals in stress reduction. Some games employ visual effects such as smiling and frowning faces and some employ vocabulary. Such games give stress relief and also inculcate better attitudes.  

Online/Indoor Games

Online or indoor games include everything from playing cards, Computer Hammer Throw, a game with your kids, stress relief games include Flame Gun, Computer Hammer Thrower, Chain Saw, and other games. Online games are popular among stress relief games. Outdoor stress relief games include swimming and tennis. Rubik Cube, crossword puzzles, computer games and other games are indoor stress relief games. Arcade games, Diner Drash, Super word power, Su doku, Boggle, Minesweeper, Solitaire, FreeCell and Hearts are popular online games for work stress relief.  These stress relief games are challenging and very similar in their approach to meditation or any other relaxation or stress relief methods. They only vary in their approach to bring about a relaxation. 

Outdoor Games

Outdoor games on the other hand, decrease the stress hormone levels and bring in a relaxation. Shooting games are in great demand these days because of the fact that the act of shooting kindles the spirit of superiority and assertion that stimulates the relaxation balance in the system.

These games have been designed for the very purpose of a relaxation. They are not just for a time pass and hence, proper utilization of these stress relief games is vital to safeguard their purpose.  They are not intended to pass or waste time, nor are they truly addictive.  Games are meant to relieve stress, and though stress relief games come in different varieties, all have an ability to reduce stress and give stress relief.