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Top Questions Doctors Ask about Wrist Pain

Top Questions Doctors Ask about Wrist Pain

If you are dealing with wrist pain, there is any number of things that can be causing the problem. After all, pain in the wrist is not easy for doctors to diagnose. Because there are so many different causes of wrist pain, it is definitely important that you have it investigated by your doctor. Of course when a doctor is performing a wrist pain differential diagnosis, you can expect to be asked quite a few questions you'll need to answer. So, here are some of the top questions you can expect to get from your doctor when he is trying to diagnose your wrist pain. 

Question #1 - Have You Injured Your Wrist Recently?
When your doctor is trying to perform a wrist pain differential diagnosis, more than likely, the first thing he's going to ask is whether or not you have recently injured your wrist in some way. Perhaps you fell down on it, you twisted it accidentally in a way that caused pain, or you experienced some other type of trauma to the area. This could mean that you have a recent fracture or sprain that could be causing the pain in your wrist.

Question #2 - Have You Ever Sprained, Broken, Fractured, or Strained Your Wrist?
Your doctor is also going to want to know about any past injuries you have suffered. Perhaps you sprained your wrist or even had a fracture to it when you were a child or a few years back. This is going to be important information for your doctor to know. So you'll need to think back and determine if you have in fact received injury to your wrist. Sometimes a past injury can continue to cause pain or can even be exacerbated from something recent. Old injuries are often affected by osteoarthritis as well, which can lead to pain in your wrist that comes back again and again.

Question #3 - Do You Have a Job That Requires Repetitive Wrist Movement or Action?
If you have a job that requires you to be involved in repetitive wrist movement, such as typing, your doctor is going to want to know about it. These types of jobs can lead to repetitive wrist injuries or even to carpal tunnel syndrome. So, be ready to let your doctor know if you do work that involves using your wrists in the same way continually. Also, even if you do a lot of typing, playing the piano, or other types of activities that include wrist movements that aren't actually your job, make sure you let the doctor know about those activities too.

Question #4 - Do You Deal with Pain in Other Joints?
Last of all, one of the top questions your doctor is going to ask when trying to provide a differential diagnosis of your wrist pain is whether or not you are dealing with pain in other joints. He'll want to know if your other wrist hurts and if other joints throughout your body hurt. In some cases gout can go far enough to affect various joints in the body, such as the wrists. Also, Rheumatoid Arthritis is a type of arthritis that can affect various joints in the body, and usually affects joints on both sides of the body.

These are just a few of the most frequently asked questions which you'll want to be prepared with an answer for. They are very important and can help your doctor properly diagnose the underlying cause of your wrist pain. So, go prepared to answer these questions and ensure you give answers that are totally truthful in order to receive the correct diagnosis and treatment.