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White Noise & Productivity

White Noise & Productivity

How much does distraction cost your business?

Focus can mean a higher profit margin and less stress for you and your business. Take some time to find your own focus, and then help your employees find theirs. Some of the largest problems are the noises that you don’t really hear in your office.  

For example, if you are in a cubicle setting and your neighbor is constantly on the phone, with their mini fan running, think of how many times you have lost your train of thought due to those normal noises....Now when you multiply that by an entire room of background noise, take a second to acknowledge all the times this type of noise distracts you daily. This can distract you from even the most important of tasks. To regain your focus, rest assured, you do not need soundproof cubicles or institute a no talking rule. That would do more harm than good. No noise would cause a magnification of every sound created in your office space, not to mention angst-ridden employees. From typing to faxing, there are normal noises you can only dreamingly avoid.

One way to combat these types of noises is to find a white noise system, such as sound masking, that fits your office space and needs. White noise systems create an environment for you and your employees that instill a calming to all those noises. The main goal is to create an environment where all those “normal” noises are not heard, thus allowing your employees the comfort of knowing every little noise is not going to distract them from their work.

Not only will white noise systems combat some of the normal background nois,e but they also do wonders for conversational noises. It is inevitable in a work place to have conversational noise. With the use of a white noise system all the conversational and background noise become a quite hum of non-distraction. Find a white noise system for your office, bring the employees focus back to the tasksand increase your profits.