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Why Do I Need An Ergonomic Keyboard?

Why Do I Need An Ergonomic Keyboard?

Why Do I Need An Ergonomic Keyboard?

Ergonomic keyboards take away the stress from your wrist and fingers during those long hours of work. They are designed to avoid injury to your hand and maximize your speed and comfort of working.

People who need to type a lot in the course of their work and use ordinary keyboards may be familiar with the fatigue, numbness, tingling or cramped feeling in their wrists. Sometimes, you may even feel sharp shooting pains in your wrist or forearm. These symptoms may go away on their own, but if they don’t and if you ignore them, they can lead to repetitive strain injury, the most common manifestation of which is the carpal tunnel syndrome. This is now a major issue at the workplace.

Keyboards, to be comfortable, must take into consideration not just wrist and forearm position, but also the diversity in body types of individuals and the way each one of us uses the keyboard. (Not all of us are right-handed, for instance.) But ordinary keyboards are built without this consideration, which is why they could be injurious. 

Now, most people do not have the luxury of taking time off from work or working at a slower pace to relieve wrist strain. Hence, our uniquely designed ergonomic keyboards.

The ergonomic keyboards help reduce muscle tension and cut down hand and arm movement. Once you get used to our ergonomic keyboards, you will never go back to an ordinary one. It might take some time to get used to an ergonomic keyboard though, as your fingers and wrist are accustomed to the cramped unnatural position forced by ordinary keyboards.

Ergonomic keyboards are gaining immense popularity in offices now because of the great boost to productivity that they give. No longer fancy accessories, they are now a prerequisite for workplace safety.

We have a wide range to choose from, so you are guaranteed to find something that suits your specific needs. Take our ProCurve Multimedia Keyboard, for instance. Its split key design and sloped shape are conducive to a natural position for your wrist and forearm. Or, theSafeType Keyboard,which has completely re-defined keyboard design.

They are just some of our thoughtfully designed products. There are several more. We encourage you to spend some time looking through our site and choose what’s best for you. Because, remember: even if it is an ergonomic keyboard, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution.