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Why You Need a Keyboard With an Integrated Pointing Device

Why You Need a Keyboard With an Integrated Pointing Device

Keyboards with Integrated Pointing Devices

The keyboard and pointing device, like a mouse, are key factors in deciding the ergonomic soundness of your workspace. When they function as separate units, there is increased hand movement which can lead to strain. They also take up extra space. 

A keyboard with an integrated pointing device is the smart, compact solution for cramped workspaces and is ergonomically much better than an ordinary keyboard. It is also great to use when you do not have a flat surface or space to place the mouse.

Many a times, keyboards are placed in drawer-like compartments with very little or no space for the mouse. So, the mouse has to be placed on the desk or a separate rack, resulting in a huge gap between the keyboard and the mouse. You can imagine the loss of speed and hence loss of productivity when working in such a setup.

We offer a wide range of sleek and comfy keyboards with integrated pointing devices ideal for your workspace. Here’s a sampling:

Trakboard: With its oversized trackball and an adjustable tilt mechanism, it is the perfect painless keyboard to use in small workspaces. Entering text with this keyboard is quick and easy, thanks to the reduced hand movement. To top it all, it has a feel of the old IBM keyboard.

MCE Wireless Multimedia Keyboard with Integrated Mouse: It takes away the strain from your shoulder and back because of its  reduced reach. But apart from its ergonomic advantages, this keyboard has great multimedia features, which can be fully utilized if you are running Windows XP MCE. You can take the keyboard to your couch and sit back, with your PC transformed into a home entertainment device.

Mini Keyboard with Touchpad: First, its ultra-sleek design will make you want to look no further. It scores ergonomically, also, thanks to the ease with which you can control everything with just gliding your fingers over the touchpad. This Mini Keyboard with Touchpad equates to maximum comfort and speed of working. Its super-flat design and lightweight features (it's just 7 ounces!) make it extremely portable, too.

Keyboards with integrated pointing devices boost productivity, ease the strain of long hours, and also fit in conveniently where ordinary keyboards cant. Come to think of it, there is little else that you could want in a keyboard.