iPad Ergonomics {Using the iPad Pain-Free}

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do you love your iPad? This new technology seems to stir a wide variety of emotion, both positive and negative. There are tremendous advantages to the bigger size of the iPad for watching movies, or reading an e-Book. But it also has some challenges for comfortable, ergonomic use, if you are not careful.  Here are a few tips for using your iPad without muscle strain and/or discomfort.

  • Don’t let this little device replace your main computer. It was designed to be flexible for short periods of time, but was never intended to be used for eight hours a day, editing spreadsheets or writing documentation.
  • iPad bundleUse an external keyboard or mouse for longer repetitive use, such as typing or mousing. If you are using your iPad for more than about an hour or if you are frequently using repetitive movements, you can very quickly strain your hand, wrists, shoulders and neck. This great Flex Bluetooth Mini Keyboard is a terrific example of how you can use your iPad for more intense typing without the pain caused by poor posture. You might also consider using an ergonomic mouse for intense editing or gaming.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of positions. Use the size and flexibility to your advantage ergonomically by frequently changing your body position. Don’t try to sit at a desk and use it like a desktop computer. Instead, relieve muscle discomfort by lying down for a while, or reclining on the couch.
  • Add an iPad stand for long term viewing. One of the biggest challenges for the iPad is the viewing angle for the screen. If you put it on your lap or desk top, you will strain your neck from constantly looking down.  For watching movies or any other long-term viewing, place your iPad at a better viewing angle to protect your neck and shoulders. The iPad Bundle provides a great case and stand in one; it protects your iPad and can be adjusted to a variety of positions more comfortable viewing. This bundle also comes with a mini keyboard for more ergonomic typing.

Don’t let discomfort or pain keep you from enjoying the freedom and benefits of your iPad. Add a mini keyboard for any sustained typing and an iPad stand for any long-term viewing. Or check out the iPad Bundle for the convenience of a case and stand in one, and benefit from the flexibility of position that this technology provides.

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