The Benefits of a Left-Handed Keyboard for Any User

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hand and wrist pain is a common problem for frequent computer users.  And these days, who isn't?  Even my 5-year-old daughter comes home from kindergarten with computer sheets to help her figure out a keyboard.  I realize she will be using one soon enough, but I am sad to say "figuring out" a keyboard can be fairly challenging.  When I recently had my laptop stolen, I borrowed several different computers from generous friends.  I had a variety of keyboards, none of which were natural fits for me.  Some were tiny, others were ginormous.  Some I had to practically pound to get the keys to respond, while others were pretty touchy.  All in all, I had a very interesting time of trial and error as I got accustomed to each one before thinking through ergonomic keyboards and which ones are best.

There are many ergonomic keyboards to choose from.  Just to shake thing sup a bit, I'd like to look at the left-handed keyboard and how it can benefit any user, even righties.

Ergonomic comfort

Left handed keyboard mouse placement comparisonPart of ergonomic comfort is keeping neutral typing posture, where you keep your muscles and limbs as natural as possible and as relaxed as possible.  This is where left handed keyboards come in.  They have standard QWERTY keyboard set-up, with the number pad on the left side instead of on the right.  This allows you to pull in your mouse closer to the keyboard- see the image.  This minor change reduces the strain caused by reaching out for your mouse.  By keeping your arms closer to your body, you will lessen the strain in your arms and shoulders. A left-handed keyboard lets you move your mouse closer where your key pad would have been, making your typing more ergonomic and more comfortable, whether left- or right-handed.

Increased productivity and efficiency

A left-handed ergonomic keyboard, like all ergonomic keyboards, is designed to minimize effort while type, making every keystroke more efficient. But the left-handed design can further increase your productivity by allowing you to multi-task with your hands. For example, instead of moving back and forth between your number pad and mouse during spreadsheet data entry, you can use the number pad with your left hand and the mouse with your right hand.  Gamers also benefit from using the number pad and the mouse on your right simultaneously when game function requires concurrent actions.

In recent years, left handed keyboard have increased in popularity with right handed users because of the benefits they provide. The ability to use the mouse and the number pad at the same time can increase your productivity and efficiency on the computer. And as with all ergonomic keyboard they also provide better comfort and ergonomic protection.

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